How to Choose a Motivational Speaker for an Event

A motivational speaker has a great impact on people. They help them to become better persons, inspire them to follow their dreams and motivate them to overcome their problems. They offer advice and share real life experiences that help people understand that there’s more to life than simply being on top.

motivational speakersThat’s why it is important to choose good a motivational speaker for important events like a graduation, a conference, a youth convention and other occasions where the people attending should be given the opportunity to become inspired and help them get on their feet.

There are many motivational speakers out there. But the question is, are they good enough for the event? Are they suited for the purpose of the event? And will they be able to inspire their audience? Having asked these questions, here are some tips and suggestions on how to choose good and effective motivational speakers

Ask for suggestions from the people attending the event.

Let them suggest who they want to speak in front of them. This way, you’ll have an idea which speaker is wanted by the audience. A speaker who is in demand is likely to have a stronger impact on the audience rather than someone who is not. Rank these suggestions and see which speaker comes on top.

Consider the theme or purpose of the event. Is it related to business, to academics or simply related to life? Once the theme and purpose of the event is set, it is easier to choose a speaker who is best known for speeches most related to the theme. This is very important since a speaker who is experienced in that particular theme will be able to give a strong speech and motivate people better.

Conduct a background research on the speaker. Learn about their past experiences and other information that you think will be crucial in selecting a speaker. This will give you an opportunity to check if people will be able to relate and connect with the speaker since they have experienced similar things and problems. Bear in mind that when a speaker is someone that the audience can relate to, it is easier to motivate the people to overcome problems. The audience is able to think that if the speaker can do it then they can too.

Listen to recordings of their speeches or watch videos.

See how the audience reacts to them. Observe how the speaker delivers his or her speeches and how it affects the audience. This will help you determine if the speaker will be able to deliver a speech that is interesting and helpful to the audience Remember that there are different types of speakers. Some can be serious while others are not. Some speakers use humor while others draw on the emotional aspect of their audience. This will help you prevent scenarios where an audience is offended or becomes uncomfortable with the speaker or cases when the audience becomes uninterested.

Once all of these have been done, create a list that ranks the speakers. Then, contact the first one of the list. Ask if they will be able to have time for the event. Ask about the cost and other arrangements. If there is an agreement between you and the speaker, that’s great. If there’s none, move to the next one on the list.

Choosing motivational speaker may seem hard, but in reality it’s not. All it takes is people skills and the ability to determine which one will motivate the audience better. From there, it’s just a case of arrangements with the chosen speaker.