PCB Assembly: Lower Cost and Higher Quality Service

PCB Assembly A printed circuit board (PCB) is an electronic circuit that supports and connects different electronic components through the use of various conductive pads and tracks. These electronic components are printed from a metallic coating of a thin plate. The PCB assembly method has numerous techniques used in connecting the components. If high volume needs to be produced, they are mostly created by machine placement, bulk wave soldering, or re flow ovens.

There are two main types of construction used in this assembly: through-hole and surface mount construction. Both of them offer specific advantages. Any part that is likely to sustain physical stress in the unit becomes durable when through-hole construction is used. On the other hand, the surface mount construction occupies less space.
In-house Vs. Outsourcing Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Printed circuit boards are important because they can improve any gadget or electronic device. They are usually found in computers, gaming consoles, and household appliances to name a few. PCB assembly services are among the most important aspects of the electronics industry in this day and age. Many equipment and appliances rely on PCBs to connect their electrical components. Some time ago, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of electronic products constructed PCB’s in-house. However, because of the rapid growth of surface mount construction and advanced equipment and production methods, printed circuit board assembly now mostly uses outsourcing to contract electronics companies that are expert in this field.

There are some of the advantages for using an assembly service to create printed circuit boards. These include the following:

• Smaller Capital InvestmentIn-house construction of PCB needs a huge capital investment for manufacturing resources, line and equipment, not to mention employing and hiring skilled workers. Because of that, it may take a long time for return on investment (ROI). Outsourcing the assembly service seems to be the right thing to do in terms of financial matters.

• Cost of Unit Advantages
An electronic products OEM can take advantage of “economies of scale.” The cost per unit of output can be reduced by increasing scale as fixed expenses are split up across more units of output. The capital investments in PCB services can be leveraged in personnel, machineries, and equipment, making them more competitive.

• Improvements in Product Design
At times, the expenses for PCB assembly have electronic design included in their services. Suggestions are accepted to make improvements in design, which makes better quality products with much lower expenses.

• Quality Assurance
The market is quite competitive these days. So, in order to control unexpected expenses and keep the customers satisfied, quality assurance is really important. Not every electronic products OEM has the quality resources and procedures and testing machineries to ensure the quality of their printed circuit boards. On the other hand, PCB services use a range of quality procedures to guarantee quality products. Moreover, these assembly services have business connections to obtain high quality electronic parts. This is really important because an excellent finished product use trustworthy components to create it.

PCB• The Important of Having Extensive Experience
Contracted PCB services have broad experience when it comes to manufacturing printed circuit boards at the lowest cost possible even with tight deadlines. This kind of service cannot be taken too lightly as these services know the ins and outs of this field.

Currently, customers go online and search for products and services. However, they have been smarter and they even look at the business reputation of an electronics company. If a company has been branded for manufacturing lower quality products, this may cause permanent damage to its business status.
This is critical to what a PCB assembly service can do for an OEM – lower their expenses and guarantee quality products to improve their business reputation.


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