Popular Items in Demand at Pawn Shops

Have you been thinking about selling or pawning your merchandise at a local pawn shop? You can go to a local pawn shop and sell almost any items, but if you’re looking to get more money out of it, you need to pawn or sell the good stuff – that’s the most in-demand items. Below, we’re going to give you a peak at what pawn stores love seeing walk through their front door …


pawnYes, we cannot look past jewelry – pawn shop owners love seeing this type of thing come through their front door. Jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other common jewelry pieces. Other forms of precious metals that are worth taking to the pawn shop include gems, metals, and jewels. www.majorpawn.com is a site that instantly comes to mind, because they just so happen to specialize in jewelry.


Another thing that tends to be in high-demand all the time would be luxury watches. Most watches aren’t going to have precious jewelry attached to them, but they are still pieces of jewelry that the pawn shop may be interested in. Luxury watch brands like Rolex are always in high-demand, but recently, people have had luck pawning other watch brands as well.

Gold and Silver Coins

Many pawn shops are willing to accept gold and silver coins, especially if they’re rare. So, if you have some gold and silver coins, and you’re in need of some fast cash, go ahead and take them to the local pawn shop and see what you’re able to get for them.

Check Over Your Items First

Before you take any of your items to the local pawn shop, make sure you take the time to look them over. For example, if you have a watch, make sure it works properly. If you plan on pawning or selling a gold bracelet, make sure you take the time to shine it properly with jewelry cleaner.

pawnBasically, the more presentable your items look, the more likely you are to get more money out of it. If a pawnbroker sees an item that looks like it has been used and not cleaned up, they will have room to offer you a lower price – trust us, pawn shops look for this type of thing.


For those of you that are looking to make some extra money, then pawn shops can be a lifesaver, especially if you really need the money right away. You may not always be able to get top dollar for your items, but you will have a good chance at getting an offer that is reasonable.