TAYLORMADE GOLFRegardless if the golfer is a man or a woman, Taylormade golf uses or applies the same technology in producing quality golf clubs. What are taken into considerations while creating the golf clubs for ladies are the length or height, weight, and flexibility of the golf clubs. Most ladies have small or petite physique and the have slower swing speed as compared to men. The clubs that are especially designed for lady golfers will allow these women to gain more advantages and benefits when playing golf.

Although color has nothing to do with how a woman plays her game (there are women who are more confident if they are wearing their favorite color), the shaft of her golf club is usually in pastel colors.


The drivers that are especially made for lady golfers have 12-degree loft minimum, while the driver that men use have nine to eleven degrees loft. Higher loft degrees can help lady golfers launch the ball off the tee without trouble. The drivers that the ladies use are also lighter than the drivers that men use. The Taylormade golf ladies’ drivers allow them to get better distance and speed, as well as higher trajectory when they hit the golf ball off tee.


Ladies’ woods are also lighter than that of men’s and have higher loft degree. Ladies’ woods also have a wider selection to offer. Ladies appreciate the 13-wood which is a remarkable substitute for a long iron because ladies will surely find it easier to use.


The iron for ladies has a slightly heavier club head but, overall, the entire golf club is still lighter than that of men’s. The said iron has a softer flex. The shaft of the ladies’ iron is also shorter than men’s and this is because most women have shorter stature than men. The design is carefully created to compensate for the ladies’ slower swing pace.


The golf clubs especially designed for ladies usually have graphite shafts because graphite is comparatively lighter than steel. Men’s golf clubs often provide a choice between steel and graphite shafts for men who prefer the usual weight of golf club or the lighter one. It is also possible to have a softer flex when using a club with graphite shafts which can also give way to a better club head position.


TAYLORMADE GOLF clubsThe grips on ladies’ golf clubs, like the ones that Taylormade golf provides, have smaller diameter and shorter length as compared to men’s. The women’s hands are comparatively smaller than the men’s hands and it is only right to design a grip that can easily fit in their hands. If a golfer has a good grip, then it is possible to deliver a successful swing.

Although there are some women who possess the physique of a man, a majority of women have smaller stature than men. Also, a number of lady golfers have smaller frame and manufacturers of golf clubs only want them to enjoy the game more by providing them with extra comfort that the right-sized golf clubs can give.

Unlike before when women were treated practically like slaves that could do nothing but obey, a modern woman have privilege to participate in a man’s dominated worlds including golf tournaments. The society recognizes the contribution of women in making things better and gives them an equal opportunity to enjoy the things that men enjoy. Golf manufacturers, like Taylormade golf, know that lady golfers are physically lacking in some things as compared to men golfers. The manufacturers tend to help the lady golfers overcome the things that limit their capability by giving them the right golf club allies that are especially designed for their needs and make them realize their goal.